My First Subscription Box

Subscription boxes seem to be the newest popular purchase right now.  Have you heard of them? You go to the website, sign up and at the beginning of each month they send you a box of items worth more than the subscription price.  My first thought was, what a waste of money! Especially since you don’t even know what you are going to get!

But, it did peak my interest, so I decided to do some research. I found out that there are over 100 different subscription boxes for every type of interest!! Makeup, Beauty, Clothes, Food, Health, Fitness, Vegan, Children, Hobbies, Toys, and even Travel.

After reading reviews of all the different boxes, I was intrigued. Almost every single person enjoyed their boxes and the contents.  Many of them were addicted to subscribing to more than one type of box a month!

Obviously I had to know, are these boxes really worth the money? Are they really that enjoyable? Are they really addictive? (I sure hope not! That would get expensive!) So, I narrowed down the type of boxes I was interested in (Makeup, Beauty and Jewelry) and I chose a box that seemed to fit: the Indie Gift Box.

2013-09-09 21.04.44-1

Indie Gift Box interested me because they don’t just focus on one item, but on handmade items by independent artists. Plus, they give you hints throughout the month about what items will be in the next month’s box. It comes in two sizes: Standard for $20 ($25-$50 worth of items) or Deluxe for $25 ($30-$60 worth of items). I opted to save money and ordered the Standard, just in case I didn’t like it!

I’m not going to lie, the most disappointing thing about this box was it’s size. For some reason I assumed this box was going to be the size of a small shoe box. Instead it was the size of a thick journal. Once I opened the bright hot pink tissue paper, I completely forgot my disappointment!

2013-09-09 19.06.38-1

Here were my surprises:

2013-09-09 20.51.29-1

I am in love with this nail polish! The color is Unicorn Landia by Starrily.  I painted it over a neutral vanilla matte polish. It dried leaving a beautiful iridescent glow without it feeling like I painted glitter on my nails.







2013-09-10 18.10.54-1This product completely surprised me! Nail Butter claims to treat and heal nails and cuticles, not just mask the problems. I was skeptical, but after using it for only two days my dry cuticles feel so soft!                                                                                             Plus their product sizes are called “Marilyn” and “Audrey”. They have completely won me over!





2013-09-10 19.17.04The sample of Honey Love Face Scrub by The Wild Honey Apothocary came in this cute wrapping stamped with a tiny bee. I was reluctant to use this on my face as I have sensitive skin, but everything I researched said that honey is good for all skin types. I’ve only used it once (and boy it was sticky!!), but my skin felt so clean and smooth afterwards!




2013-09-09 19.24.41-1This was the biggest sample in the box: Apricot and Blackseed Serum by Aucocisco Naturals. I haven’t opened this yet, but it is an oil to be used as a facial moisturizer to smooth rough, dry patches of skin or in your hair to give it a smooth shine. It is also supposed to be safe for all skin types.




2013-09-10 21.14.48-2Finally, there was a sample of eyeshadow by Noelle Beauty. This shade is called “Storm“. It is a silvery gray color and I love it! It looks great with my hazel eyes! Apply dry for a light-gray or wet for a slate-gray color.





Also included in the box were several coupons for different Etsy stores and a list of the total value of the above items. My box value was just under $40.

I really enjoy the items that came in my box, but I can’t say that I would want to order this box every month. It would really depend on what was going to be in it. I think next time I will try a beauty subscription box.

Have you tried a subscription box? What did you think?


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