What Christmas Means to Me.

Throughout my life, I have gone back and forth on Christmas and what it means to me. My mom says I never believed in Santa as a child. However, I remember one specific year sitting in my room as a child looking out the window with the hope of seeing a glimpse of Santa.Image I never saw him. That very next morning, I started down the stairs and heard my dad say, “What just a minute!” My brother and I hovered on the top step as we listened to the rustling of our toys being set up. Santa must’ve woken up late. Oops!

Soon after that, during my young elementary days, Christmas was about Getting. I received so many presents from people, it was ridiculous. I would pile up all my gifts and not touch them until after Christmas so that I could count how many gifts I had received in total. I may have been a little selfish.

That probably lasted until I was a young adult. I received less anyways, so getting things was not as important as Giving. For a 19-year-old with a minimum wage job, having 30 people on my list of gifts to buy was crazy, but I loved giving! The more the better!

ImageThen, I realized there was so much love during Christmas, so it became about Romance. I always had a boyfriend. If I was single, my closest guy friend at the time and I would get together. I think we just wanted that emphasized feeling of romance during Christmas and a date for New Years, because we’d always break up by Valentines. Ha.

The past three years have been completely different and great all at the same time. I made the choice to live the way that Christ lived and my world completely changed for the better. It was hard, yes. It wasn’t an immediate transformation. In fact, the first year I didn’t even want Christmas to come because it was the first year that I was single since age 14 and wasn’t Christmas all about giving to others and being romantic? 

Last year I learned what true love was- from God. I decided to ask Him for a Christmas present, so I thought really hard. I knew I couldn’t ask for just anything. It had to be something that could be according to His Will.

So I asked myself, What is the MOST ROMANTIC thing God could give me for Christmas? Snow. So, I asked Him for snow on Christmas Day. I knew that this was a lot to ask for; especially living in the Dallas area of Texas. On Christmas Day, I woke up to a heavy snow fall and a very White Christmas: True Romance. 



As a single 28 year old woman, Christmas is the one time of year that can make me feel more special than any guy ever could. It is the time of year that people stop thinking of themselves and give to those less fortunate; that people hold the doors open for you at the crowded mall; that bank tellers refund fees from that “mistake” you made; that someone offers a meal to that “drunk” homeless person and a place to stay during the ice storm.  Glittering lights are hung everywhere you look, actual MAILED letters arrive in your mailbox, music that have lyrics that bring hope and not depression play on the radio, that special red cup arrives at Starbucks, family comes together in spite of their differences, and innocent children look forward to the cute, chubby man in the red suit who brings them gifts while they are fast asleep. Most importantly, it is the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ; the most romantic man ever. (That I found through relationship with Him, no other way.) I mean, who else can give you SNOW in TEXAS on Christmas Day??

Christmas is the one season of the year, that no matter what is happening in the world, you know it will be the same every year: Happy, joyful, generous, magical.

ImageWhat does Christmas mean to you? 


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