Close Your Eyes and Point to a Spot on a Local Map

Here we are, about to begin week four of 2014 already! Can you believe it? I am glad to say that I have been pretty busy! Unfortunately, that means that I am a little behind on my 52 Things to Do list.

This past week I accomplished #2 with the help of my friends.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny, windy day. We realized after church that it was too pretty to just go home and sit inside all day, so we thought, why not do something fun? But what?

Well… luckily I had 52 things to choose from! We didn’t want to spend too much money (if any) and we wanted to soak in the beauty of the day, so that narrowed down our options. We settled on going on an adventure: “Close your eyes and point to a spot on a local map. Go there and take a picture.” 

All you need to complete this is:

  • A Map
  • A vehicle with gas
  • A camera
  • Friends (Not required, but more fun this way!)

I don’t know how many people actually own maps anymore, but none of us did. Detour to Target! Of course, I didn’t buy a map. They are ridiculously expensive! Instead, I found a local map and laid it out on the floor. Then I sat down next to it, closed my eyes and pointed.

2014-01-12 13.07.47-1

The first time didn’t work. The map was so small that my finger landed on the blue line. What are the odds. So, I tried again.  This time I landed on the farthest spot in the area from where we were; “Je Woody Rd” which is actually J. E., not “Je”. Good job, finger! (I’m not sure that my friends were too happy, but at least they stuck it out!) We loaded up the car and headed for J.E. Woody Rd. in Springtown, Texas.

2014-01-12 13.08.46-1

The drive was pretty. A country drive with a few small hills and lots of cows. I’m not a country girl, but there’s something about driving through the country on a Sunday…

About an hour later, we arrived at J.E. Woody Rd.

2014-01-12 14.09.13-1

This is the road:

2014-01-12 14.05.39-1

And that’s about all there was to see.

Time to relax for the long road home. And here’s the most exciting part! 

On the way home, we passed by this giant statue of Jesus.

2014-01-12 14.36.47-1

On the gate to the statue it said: “Capernaum Village and Stone Garden”. Apparently, it’s a complete replica of a first-century village! You can even lodge there! I can’t wait until it’s open this summer to go visit.

This adventure was fun and it led to a new adventure for this Summer. I would say it was a success!

How are your goals for 2014 going?